this extraordinary statement, which resonates favorably with a certain interpretation of Reality, vibrates in the Web as one of the new Mantras. The affirmation is leading to a new evaluation of the way money is in fact “created” and put into the circuits of Real Economy and Finance.
Some economists-experimenters also, wanting to interpret the statement literally, are giving rise to anarchic-creating hypotheses of Money from Nothing. These experiments are welcome, they give rise to results of various kinds, but in any case they are still not applicable to everyday life, which remains anguishedly subordinate to the top Creators of Money.
Even cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins at the head) after an endless debate, made of stop and go by the classic Currency Makers, seem to be subjected to a braking.
Let us, however, “disassemble” the Mantra and analyze it in its elementary meanings/significants.
1) Money does not “create itself” but “is created” . That “is” presupposes the Will of a preexisting Subject.
2) The “Nothing” to which reference is made is that “Nothing” that in Western culture, over the centuries, has meant the absence of “visible matter” perceived by our senses, the Void. Today, however, we know, thanks to the Higgs Boson, that the Void is full.
3) There exists, among other things, and is widely treated in Eastern cultures, a “Nothing” in which is even present the “All”. A concept which is at the basis of Lao Tze’s Taoism and which, even according to some contemporary scientists, justifies the Big Bang theory and the Origin of the Universe.
4) Such a “Nothing” in the course of its manifestation would be able – consciously or unconsciously – to confer the “Forms” to what we perceive sensorially in the Visible Reality.
One could write thousands of pages about what I briefly mentioned. But let’s try some first conclusions:
– in the beginning there must be a Creator Will. And this can be found in Anyone. Everyone would like to “create money.
– However, there must also exist the Potential Faculty of conferring a Visible Form to Money such that it is recognizable, evaluable and vehiculated. And to do this we need “infrastructures”, networks that are possessed only by Few.
– Finally – an important aspect – there must be the recognition / consent by the Users of the Money in question. The Consent must be shared within User Groups. The larger they are the more there is recognition and circulation.
Once again then you are faced with a Triad. A Triad that gives stability in progress and justifies its Object of reference .
For “Money is One and Triune” and is created from Nothing only when the briefly described conditions are met.
So let’s be careful in using this new Mantra, because without a will of summit, a faculty of production and diffusion and a general consensus of the users … the money is not created.
P.S. – Currently, the First Users of Money (the Banks) are partners of the Creators and ensure Vehiculation and Consent. Only in this way the game is done.